Amma, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist – Training

‘I don’t think we were taught to manage women who suffered it’

Jane, bereavement midwife –Training (1)

‘I can remember being taught almost nothing about stillbirth’

Jane, bereavement midwife –Training (2)

‘Learning on the job is the best way’

Katy, community midwife – Training (1)

‘We visited a crematorium’

Katy, community midwife – Training (2)

‘The training that we get is not particularly helpful’

Eileen, junior registrar – Training (1)

‘Sometimes you see and you learn what not to do’

Eileen, junior registrar – Training (2)

‘Once you’ve said it you can’t take it back’

Eileen, junior registrar – Training (3)

‘Medicine’s very much a kind of an apprenticeship’

Ruth, student midwife – Training (2)

‘In the first year we had a 3 hour session’

Ruth, student midwife – Training (1)

‘I’d be doing something in Scarlett’s name’