Shauna – The funeral (1)

‘I’d never actually gone to a funeral’

Shauna – The funeral (2)

‘It was hard making all these decisions’

Omar – The funeral (1)

‘It's your responsibility for the funeral’

Omar – The funeral (2)

‘It was men only which was quite nice.’

Shazia – The funeral

‘That was extremely difficult actually seeing his coffin’

Jess – The funeral

‘I just couldn’t visualise it’

Jeeger – The funeral (1)

‘It was the first time we'd ever set foot in a graveyard.’

Jeeger – The funeral (2)

‘I’d compiled a sound file – I didn’t want to speak there and then’

Rabia – The funeral

‘I just didn't want to let her go’

David – The funeral

‘I actually stood in the grave and put her down’

Chris – The funeral

‘I didn’t want anyone else touching him bar me’

Danielle – The funeral

‘The toughest part was going to pick up his ashes’

Barbara – The funeral

‘The hospital said they would bury him’

Geoff – The Funeral

‘I think it probably would have been good to visit the cemetery’

Aimee – The funeral

‘I got the courage to hold her’

Marc – The funeral (1)

‘We didn’t take the boys’

Marc – The funeral (2)

‘It was a nice memory’

Martin – The funeral

‘It wasn’t just for us, hopefully it was for him as well’

Sam – The funeral

‘That’s not a day I ever want to do again’