Shauna – The birth (1)

‘I don’t want anybody to ask me why am I going up there.’

Shauna – The birth (2)

‘I had to bear the pain to say that he was here ’

Shauna – The birth (3)

‘I wanted to keep him if that makes sense’

Omar – The birth

‘I had no idea what to expect’

Shazia – The birth

‘I still remember the sensation of him coming out’

Jess – The birth

‘It was a mixture of so much love and pride’

Jeeger – The birth

‘My mum was there which was very helpful ’

Marjorie – The birth (1)

‘They put Alexis in a bucket’

Marjorie – The birth (2)

‘I couldn’t believe the coldness’

Rabia – The birth

‘The student midwife cried’

David – The birth

‘She just looks like any other baby that was born’

Chris – The birth

‘Am I going to see anything that’s going to really scar me?’

Danielle – The birth

‘It was very quick and blurred because of the pain’

Barbara – The birth

‘I had my eyes tightly closed’

Geoff – The birth

‘I had a glance of his back view and then he was gone’

Aimee – The birth

‘I couldn’t give birth without medication’

Marc – The birth

‘Adrenaline pumping through my system is all I remember’

Martin – The birth

‘We both knew straight away we loved him’

Sam – The birth

‘It was a little bit shocking to look at him’