The pregnancy

‘There were very few checks during pregnancy’

Realising something was wrong

‘I had a funny feeling’

Being told your baby has died

‘What does that actually mean?’

The time before giving birth

‘This lady knows what we’re coming in for, why are we waiting so long?’

The birth

‘I couldn’t give birth without medication’

Spending time with your baby

‘The pictures I got from the hospital were absolutely lovely’

Being back at home

‘I wanted my husband to be with me all the time.’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘It’s something that Guy could do for his future brother or sister’

The funeral

‘It was hard making all these decisions’

Relating to family and friends

‘It was as though I had never had her’


‘I tend to not talk about it’

Remembering your baby

‘Any function or festival we will do something to remember him ’

Pregnancy after loss

‘Once this little door into this world’s been opened you can’t close it again’

Insights and advice

‘You’ll be shocked how great people are’