The pregnancy

‘I mean we didn't think anything of it.’

Realising something was wrong

‘I wasn’t there when the baby was born’

Being told your baby has died

‘I said check again just check again’

The time before giving birth

‘She told us to take lots of pictures’

The birth

‘I had my eyes tightly closed’

Spending time with your baby

‘All I heard was babies crying all around me’

Being back at home

‘You feel inferior’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘I don’t want the baby to be cut open’

The funeral

‘It wasn’t just for us, hopefully it was for him as well’

Relating to family and friends

‘I just wanted someone to listen to me’


‘I wouldn't even know what it really means to grieve’

Remembering your baby

‘Anything up in the sky is pretty much linked with Petal’

Pregnancy after loss

‘I pretended I was fine but I wasn’t’

Insights and advice

‘Think really about what is best for you’