The pregnancy

‘Everything was new, it was all exciting’

Realising something was wrong

‘We realised that was Shazia’s heartbeat not the baby’s.’

Being told your baby has died

‘Nothing was said’

The time before giving birth

‘I think it matures you a bit’

The birth

‘I had a glance of his back view and then he was gone’

Spending time with your baby

‘All I heard was babies crying all around me’

Being back at home

‘I’m here to get an outfit for my son who’s died’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘Ultimately it was an inconclusive thing’

The funeral

‘I just couldn’t visualise it’

Relating to family and friends

‘People take it onto themselves as if it happened to them ’


‘Why wasn’t I worthy to take my son home?’

Remembering your baby

‘Any function or festival we will do something to remember him ’

Pregnancy after loss

‘There was no chance for me’

Insights and advice

‘It shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet’