The pregnancy

‘We genuinely thought, he’s just small. People have small babies’

Realising something was wrong

‘She was still kicking even the day before she was born’

Being told your baby has died

‘They've given us the wrong scan’

The time before giving birth

‘I kept on thinking once the baby is born we'll see’

The birth

‘It was a mixture of so much love and pride’

Spending time with your baby

‘That was the last time we're going to be a family’

Being back at home

‘I had to face everything, pack everything away’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘Ultimately it was an inconclusive thing’

The funeral

‘I’d never actually gone to a funeral’

Relating to family and friends

‘It wasn't to do with my friends, it was me (I wanted to be on my own)’


‘I was questioning myself… am I a good dad?’

Remembering your baby

‘Those things didn’t come into my mind’

Pregnancy after loss

‘I feel on the surface of everything at the moment’

Insights and advice

‘Try not to be alone too much’