The pregnancy

‘Baby was measuring really small’

Realising something was wrong

‘That was the first day that everything switched’

Being told your baby has died

They were obviously looking for his heartbeat’

The time before giving birth

‘I kept on thinking once the baby is born we'll see’

The birth

‘My mum was there which was very helpful ’

Spending time with your baby

‘They just left me’

Being back at home

‘I wanted my husband to be with me all the time.’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘I didn't want him to find a fault in her’

The funeral

‘It was the first time we'd ever set foot in a graveyard.’

Relating to family and friends

‘I couldn’t be around pregnant women’


‘It does help to be able to grieve fully’

Remembering your baby

‘I just don’t want to forget that he ever existed’

Pregnancy after loss

‘It really tainted any idea I had of a normal pregnancy’

Insights and advice

‘It shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet’