Shauna – Grieving (1)

‘I felt I was suffocating’

Shauna – Grieving (2)

‘Why wasn’t I worthy to take my son home?’

Shauna – Grieving (3)

‘Don’t dwell on it’

Omar – Grieving (1)

‘Let's start looking towards the future’

Omar – Grieving (2)

‘Me and Shazia have always worked as a team’

Shazia – Grieving

‘I probably had about 10 or 12 sessions’

Jess – Grieving

We’re very open with each other’

Jeeger – Grieving (1)

‘I wouldn't even know what it really means to grieve’

Jeeger – Grieving (2)

‘The word grief shouldn't have a past tense’

Marjorie – Grieving

‘I tend to not talk about it’

Alex – Grieving (1)

‘I miss her’

Alex – Grieving (2)

‘What would she be like now?’

Rabia – Grieving

‘It was great for me to be around something new – and not be around children’

David – Grieving (1)

‘I talk to her as if she's alive’

David – Grieving (2)

‘I used to put Jannah's blanket over me’

David – Grieving (3)

‘I wanted a new normal’

Chris – Grieving

‘Women are different to men’

Danielle – Grieving

‘To speak to people going through the same thing helped me tremendously’

Barbara – Grieving

‘You feel quite lonely’

Geoff – Grieving (1)

‘My mind always went to our little chap’

Geoff – Grieving (2)

‘It does help to be able to grieve fully’

Aimee – Grieving

‘I feel like I pushed him away’

Marc – Grieving (1)

‘We haven’t done anything with the ashes yet’

Marc – Grieving (2)

‘You can’t resent that they’re not getting over it’

Martin – Grieving

‘I was questioning myself… am I a good dad?’

Sam – Grieving

‘Your patience is zero, your tolerance is zero, so it does make it hard’