Subsequent pregnancies

‘We don’t do anything differently until they hit 12 weeks’

Showing emotion

‘We're just human beings’

Support for clinicians

‘People need support and debriefing’

Talking to and supporting families

‘People want to cure you’


‘We visited a crematorium’

Post-mortems/further investigations

‘They are working on doing MRIs on babies so they don’t have to cut them’

Partners and extended family

‘I do think we tend to forget the dads’

Clinical care

‘We need to listen to women more’

Facilities available to families

‘You don’t want to feel like you’re being hidden away’

First experiences

‘I’ll never forget just tucking them all into bed’

Insights and advice

‘Look like you’ve actually taken an interest in what's happened before’

Attitudes towards stillbirth

‘How we deal with death it’s all very background related’