The pregnancy

‘The baby wasn’t as active as Claire had been’

Realising something was wrong

‘I hadn't really felt the baby move at all’

Being told your baby has died

‘That’s when the news was broken’

The time before giving birth

‘I wanted to disappear’

The birth

‘I don’t want anybody to ask me why am I going up there.’

Spending time with your baby

‘I didn't let Jannah be on her own at any moment’

Being back at home

‘I’m here to get an outfit for my son who’s died’

Deciding about a postmortem

‘It just didn’t make sense what happened’

The funeral

‘The toughest part was going to pick up his ashes’

Relating to family and friends

‘They'd all been part of the whole journey.


‘Your patience is zero, your tolerance is zero, so it does make it hard’

Remembering your baby

‘Anything up in the sky is pretty much linked with Petal’

Pregnancy after loss

‘It spoils you for life’

Insights and advice

‘I took to my Instagram account to start sharing things’

First experiences

‘I was still not that proficient in using ultrasound’

Facilities available to families

‘A specialist midwife is really important’

Clinical care

‘We need to listen to women more’


‘I’d be doing something in Scarlett’s name’

Talking to and supporting families

‘If I say the wrong thing that could be the thing you hold on to’

Support for clinicians

‘There still probably isn’t as much holistic care for our self’

Partners and extended family

‘I do think we tend to forget the dads’

Post-mortems/further investigations

‘We are happy with whatever level of investigation a parent wants’

Showing emotion

‘Some families touch you more than others’

Insights and advice

‘Silence can isolate the woman’

Subsequent pregnancies

‘I always ask if they've named the baby’

Attitudes towards stillbirth

‘Are they struggling emotionally to deal with the pregnancy?’