Nicola Gibson

Nicola Gibson Nicola Gibson worked at the BBC for 12 years as a documentary producer/director before setting up an online media production company with the aim to ‘share life on film’. Her professional passion was born from a personal experience 25 years ago: the death of her first-born daughter, very shortly after birth. Co-creating Stillbirth Stories now is her way to help others understand the subject of stillbirth and the impact it has on people’s lives.

Emma Beck

Emma Beck is a former factual television producer who worked at the BBC and in the independent sector. In 2010, her second child, Mary was stillborn. Her personal experience of other people’s reactions left her feeling isolated after her daughter’s death. It is her hope that Stillbirth Stories will inform people and help to breakdown the silence, surrounding stillbirth.

In 2016 Emma and Nicola developed and produced the BBC Radio 4 documentary, We Need To Talk About Stillbirth, which aired on July 22nd 2016. Miranda Sawyer in The Observer said: “This was a programme with dignity; moving and informative. Its tone was perfect.”

Professor Alexander Heazell

Professor Alexander Heazell is the Clinical Director of the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre in St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester and is a Consultant Obstetrician. He is chair of the International Stillbirth Alliance – an organisation bringing parents and professionals together to facilitate international collaboration and to raise the profile of stillbirth. Alex has co-ordinated a large public engagement project to enable parents to set the research agenda in stillbirth and is passionate about recording parents’ experiences to improve best care.

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